Show me the career records for franchises for games between week and week
Career Records
#FranchiseWLTPctPFAvg PFPAAvg PASeasons
1.Lasso of Truth 0000.00000.000.02020
2.HAMMERHEAD SHARKS 0000.00000.000.02020
3.Pigskin Combat 0000.00000.000.02020
4.Killer Bytes 0000.00000.000.02020
5.THE COOK 0000.00000.000.02020
6.UR4BIDN 0000.00000.000.02020
7.600 Lb Gorilla 0000.00000.000.02020
8.Trophy Hunter 0000.00000.000.02020
9.GRIDIRON MEN 0000.00000.000.02020
10.ICE QUEEN 0000.00000.000.02020
Hint: Missing past seasons on this report? If so, it might mean that your commissioner needs to fill out the Link Historical Franchises page.