Welcome to the EHFL's 2020 season. Our 41st Year! (We Hope)
Read the Hughes News here: Hughes Blog (Updated on **March 21**)
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League Article
Seems Like Yesterday
Ed Hughes Football League Article - Seems Like Yesterday
With forty seasons under our belt, it's time to embark on the next forty. I can't wait for the 2020 season. Working on this site always gets me fired up!

This August will mark the league's 40th 'birthday'. It was an idea hatched in Baltimore in the summer of 1980 when my uncle asked me to help him prep for a draft to be held at his neighborhood bar, Betty & Jake's. It seemed like fun and when I returned home I brought it up at one of our city summer league softball games. Next thing you know, here we are.

You've probably noticed that we have a new look this year. I had settled on a banner and had put in place a design that was similar to years past. But I woke up one morning and decided that a fresh look was needed. I like this color scheme and the other graphics (bonus points for anyone who gets the significance of the scoreboard over on the right).

As for the contents of the site...The schedule is ready although I'll take a closer look at it this summer. I may make some changes to align some traditional rivalry games. I hope you get a chance to poke around and let me know if you have any issues with this site.

July Update...We are now approaching July and my confidence in there being NFL football this fall is not as high as it was a month ago. However this works out we will adapt, as we always have.

As this spring and summer pass, I will be updating this site. Right now just about everything is updated and ready for August. I still have some tweaking to do on the League Calendar and a few other modules. Keeper dates and the draft date are not final. The post-season waivers may be changed some. The MFL system can be cumbersome simply because it's so darn flexible so it makes adjusting waiver processes difficult, at least for me. For the most part, all the major changes are in place. I will go through them all in a 'Summer Update' email and/or a Hughes News post at some point.

Talk to everyone soon.


The Draft Values report (see the EHFL Links module to the right) has been updated with FA signings and some corrections. Latest version is dated March 29.

League Standings

Lombardi Division

  Franchise W‑L‑T GB Strk PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Div W‑L‑T Max PF PWR Alt PWR BBID $ Bal #A
Baltimore Flyers 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
Tampa Heroes 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$375.00 0
San Marcos Settlers 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$400.00 0

Kuhlmann Division

  Franchise W‑L‑T GB Strk PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Div W‑L‑T Max PF PWR Alt PWR BBID $ Bal #A
Clear Lake Strawmenn 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
Thailand Sticks 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
Boulder Blizzard 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0

Barenholtz Division

  Franchise W‑L‑T GB Strk PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Div W‑L‑T Max PF PWR Alt PWR BBID $ Bal #A
Portland Pirates 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
Joliet Giants 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
Syracuse Nationals 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0

Hamman Division

  Franchise W‑L‑T GB Strk PF Avg PF PA Avg PA Div W‑L‑T Max PF PWR Alt PWR BBID $ Bal #A
Rhodesia Ridgebacks 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
Adirondack Holes 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
Baja Bombers 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0.0 0 0.0 0‑0‑00 0 0$350.00 0
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Coach Ed Hughes

The Ed Hughes Football League was founded by a group of University of Houston alumni as a basic scoring league with nine original franchises in 1980. Four of those franchises are still active without change and ten of the current franchises have been in the league for over 33 seasons. After a year of weekly winner-take-all, we began using a head-to-head schedule in 1981. We are among the oldest continuous leagues in the U.S. Of the 12 current owners, 6 live in the Houston area with the others in New York, Northern California, Colorado, Maine, and Florida.

Our league was named in honor of former Houston Oilers head coach Ed Hughes. Coach Hughes struggled through a 4-9-1 season with the Oilers in 1971 but he went on to jobs with the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys. He earned a Super Bowl ring as offensive coordinator of the Bears in 1986 before retiring in 1980. He had also won two NFL Championships as a db with the NY Giants in the 1950s. Ed Hughes died on June 23, 2000.

We have a tribute page for Coach Hughes. Find and click the appropriate tab on the row under the banner near the top of this page.

Coach Ed Hughes
Countdown To...
League Draft: Tue Sep 1 6:15:00 p.m. CT 2020

Tue, 1 Sep 2020 18:15:00 UTC-0500

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Joliet Giants1 day, 9 hours, 44 minutes ago
Thailand Sticks37 days, 19 hours, 37 minutes ago
Baltimore Flyers107 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes ago
Clear Lake Strawmenn 134 days, 20 hours, 22 minutes ago
Adirondack Holes137 days, 21 hours, 43 minutes ago
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Lineup Deadline
Week 1
Thu Sep 10 7:20:00 p.m. CT 2020
In 70 days, 10 hours, 52 minutes
Who Should I Start?
Should StartShould BenchPctCount
Allen, Josh BUF QBGoff, Jared LAR QB97.70%86
Allen, Josh BUF QBRivers, Philip IND QB97.60%82
Allen, Josh BUF QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB96.80%62
Allen, Josh BUF QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.40%84
Allen, Josh BUF QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB95.70%70
Allen, Josh BUF QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB94.90%79
Allen, Josh BUF QBStafford, Matthew DET QB94.40%72
Allen, Josh BUF QBLock, Drew DEN QB93.80%96
Allen, Josh BUF QBBrady, Tom TBB QB84.60%78
Allen, Josh BUF QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB78.70%61
Allen, Josh BUF QBRyan, Matt ATL QB64.50%62
Allen, Josh BUF QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB63.00%54
Allen, Josh BUF QBBrees, Drew NOS QB60.60%71
Brady, Tom TBB QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB98.20%113
Brady, Tom TBB QBNewton, Cam NEP QB97.60%85
Brady, Tom TBB QBLock, Drew DEN QB97.20%72
Brady, Tom TBB QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB96.90%64
Brady, Tom TBB QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB96.40%84
Brady, Tom TBB QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB95.60%68
Brady, Tom TBB QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB95.40%65
Brady, Tom TBB QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB95.30%85
Brady, Tom TBB QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB94.30%53
Brady, Tom TBB QBRivers, Philip IND QB93.10%87
Brady, Tom TBB QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB91.90%99
Brady, Tom TBB QBJones, Daniel NYG QB89.90%79
Brady, Tom TBB QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB86.80%53
Brady, Tom TBB QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB82.70%81
Brady, Tom TBB QBStafford, Matthew DET QB79.60%49
Brady, Tom TBB QBGoff, Jared LAR QB76.10%67
Brady, Tom TBB QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB67.20%58
Brady, Tom TBB QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB57.70%52
Brees, Drew NOS QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB98.80%172
Brees, Drew NOS QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB98.60%146
Brees, Drew NOS QBNewton, Cam NEP QB97.90%94
Brees, Drew NOS QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB97.70%86
Brees, Drew NOS QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB96.80%62
Brees, Drew NOS QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB96.30%82
Brees, Drew NOS QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB96.10%77
Brees, Drew NOS QBJones, Daniel NYG QB94.70%76
Brees, Drew NOS QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB90.80%76
Brees, Drew NOS QBGoff, Jared LAR QB88.40%69
Brees, Drew NOS QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB76.70%43
Brees, Drew NOS QBBrady, Tom TBB QB73.90%69
Brees, Drew NOS QBRyan, Matt ATL QB58.30%48
Brees, Drew NOS QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB54.70%53
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB94.40%36
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBBrissett, Jacoby IND QB93.20%44
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBNewton, Cam NEP QB86.70%45
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB86.40%44
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB64.00%25
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB53.10%49
Bridgewater, Teddy CAR QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB50.00%52
Burrow, Joe CIN QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB94.30%53
Burrow, Joe CIN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB92.90%56
Burrow, Joe CIN QBNewton, Cam NEP QB91.90%62
Burrow, Joe CIN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB80.60%36
Burrow, Joe CIN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB72.10%43
Burrow, Joe CIN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB61.90%42
Burrow, Joe CIN QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB59.00%39
Carr, Derek LVR QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB96.10%51
Carr, Derek LVR QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB94.90%39
Carr, Derek LVR QBGrier, Will CAR QB92.30%26
Carr, Derek LVR QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB91.90%37
Carr, Derek LVR QBNewton, Cam NEP QB90.00%50
Carr, Derek LVR QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB87.50%32
Carr, Derek LVR QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB81.10%53
Carr, Derek LVR QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB80.60%36
Carr, Derek LVR QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB75.40%57
Carr, Derek LVR QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB62.50%48
Carr, Derek LVR QBLock, Drew DEN QB60.50%43
Carr, Derek LVR QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB50.00%68
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB97.50%80
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBNewton, Cam NEP QB92.30%65
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB90.40%52
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB85.70%49
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB85.00%40
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB83.90%56
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB80.90%47
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBLock, Drew DEN QB76.20%42
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRivers, Philip IND QB75.40%65
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB60.00%55
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBCarr, Derek LVR QB54.70%53
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB53.20%62
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFoles, Nick CHI QB95.60%45
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB94.30%35
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB91.20%34
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBNewton, Cam NEP QB82.00%50
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB75.00%44
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB71.70%46
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB56.90%51
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB56.40%55
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB93.50%31
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB88.90%45
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBEason, Jacob IND QB85.70%14
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBFoles, Nick CHI QB78.60%14
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB77.80%27
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBNewton, Cam NEP QB72.20%36
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB58.30%12
Foles, Nick CHI QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB86.70%15
Foles, Nick CHI QBBrissett, Jacoby IND QB75.00%8
Foles, Nick CHI QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB66.70%6
Foles, Nick CHI QBHill, Taysom NOS QB66.70%6
Foles, Nick CHI QBNewton, Cam NEP QB57.10%14
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBMullens, Nick SFO QB98.20%110
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB96.70%60
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB95.80%48
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB95.60%45
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBNewton, Cam NEP QB95.20%83
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB92.90%70
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB91.20%57
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB82.40%68
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB79.60%54
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBLock, Drew DEN QB75.00%44
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB71.90%64
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB70.40%71
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBStafford, Matthew DET QB63.90%36
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBRivers, Philip IND QB63.80%58
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBCarr, Derek LVR QB62.30%53
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB58.90%56
Goff, Jared LAR QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB97.30%73
Goff, Jared LAR QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB96.80%63
Goff, Jared LAR QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB96.40%55
Goff, Jared LAR QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB96.20%53
Goff, Jared LAR QBNewton, Cam NEP QB95.30%64
Goff, Jared LAR QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB94.30%53
Goff, Jared LAR QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB92.40%66
Goff, Jared LAR QBCarr, Derek LVR QB92.30%65
Goff, Jared LAR QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB92.00%50
Goff, Jared LAR QBRivers, Philip IND QB88.40%43
Goff, Jared LAR QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB87.50%56
Goff, Jared LAR QBLock, Drew DEN QB86.00%57
Goff, Jared LAR QBJones, Daniel NYG QB82.30%79
Goff, Jared LAR QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB79.70%64
Goff, Jared LAR QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB77.80%54
Goff, Jared LAR QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB77.50%71
Goff, Jared LAR QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB70.00%60
Goff, Jared LAR QBStafford, Matthew DET QB62.70%59
Haskins, Dwayne WAS QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB80.80%26
Haskins, Dwayne WAS QBNewton, Cam NEP QB69.20%26
Herbert, Justin LAC QBFromm, Jake BUF QB80.00%10
Herbert, Justin LAC QBNewton, Cam NEP QB50.00%12
Hill, Taysom NOS QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB50.00%4
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB99.00%193
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBBrady, Tom TBB QB97.20%71
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBWatson, Deshaun HOU QB95.00%40
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBMahomes, Patrick KCC QB50.00%30
Jones, Daniel NYG QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB96.50%57
Jones, Daniel NYG QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB95.70%46
Jones, Daniel NYG QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB95.20%62
Jones, Daniel NYG QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB94.90%59
Jones, Daniel NYG QBNewton, Cam NEP QB91.90%62
Jones, Daniel NYG QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB87.50%80
Jones, Daniel NYG QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB81.80%55
Jones, Daniel NYG QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB78.90%38
Jones, Daniel NYG QBLock, Drew DEN QB77.60%58
Jones, Daniel NYG QBRivers, Philip IND QB68.90%45
Jones, Daniel NYG QBCarr, Derek LVR QB68.00%50
Jones, Daniel NYG QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB67.90%81
Jones, Daniel NYG QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB66.70%69
Jones, Daniel NYG QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB60.90%64
Jones, Daniel NYG QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB56.00%50
Lock, Drew DEN QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB96.10%51
Lock, Drew DEN QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB95.50%44
Lock, Drew DEN QBRosen, Josh MIA QB94.70%38
Lock, Drew DEN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB94.60%37
Lock, Drew DEN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB87.30%55
Lock, Drew DEN QBNewton, Cam NEP QB84.50%58
Lock, Drew DEN QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB76.80%56
Lock, Drew DEN QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB66.70%30
Lock, Drew DEN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB66.00%50
Lock, Drew DEN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB58.80%34
Lock, Drew DEN QBRivers, Philip IND QB52.70%55
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB98.20%111
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB98.00%99
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB96.90%64
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBAllen, Josh BUF QB95.90%49
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB50.00%30
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB97.00%66
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB95.60%45
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB95.60%45
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB93.30%30
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB92.60%54
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBNewton, Cam NEP QB91.70%84
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB89.10%64
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB88.70%71
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB85.90%71
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB69.80%53
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBLock, Drew DEN QB69.40%49
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB69.40%36
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB63.50%63
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRivers, Philip IND QB59.70%67
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBCarr, Derek LVR QB59.30%59
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB52.50%61
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBJones, Daniel NYG QB51.60%62
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBFoles, Nick CHI QB97.60%82
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBNewton, Cam NEP QB94.60%56
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB94.60%56
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB93.80%32
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB93.70%63
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB81.20%32
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB80.80%52
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB74.10%58
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB68.40%38
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBCarr, Derek LVR QB61.20%49
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBLock, Drew DEN QB55.70%61
Minshew, Gardner JAC QBRivers, Philip IND QB50.80%61
Murray, Kyler ARI QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB97.70%87
Murray, Kyler ARI QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB95.60%45
Murray, Kyler ARI QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB95.20%83
Murray, Kyler ARI QBJones, Daniel NYG QB95.10%61
Murray, Kyler ARI QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB95.10%81
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB94.00%84
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRivers, Philip IND QB92.20%77
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB91.90%37
Murray, Kyler ARI QBGoff, Jared LAR QB87.50%64
Murray, Kyler ARI QBBrady, Tom TBB QB79.20%53
Murray, Kyler ARI QBRyan, Matt ATL QB68.10%47
Newton, Cam NEP QBAllen, Kyle WAS QB83.30%18
Newton, Cam NEP QBRosen, Josh MIA QB80.00%10
Newton, Cam NEP QBBrissett, Jacoby IND QB75.00%16
Newton, Cam NEP QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB64.70%17
Newton, Cam NEP QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB50.00%12
Prescott, Dak DAL QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB98.00%98
Prescott, Dak DAL QBCarr, Derek LVR QB97.60%83
Prescott, Dak DAL QBLock, Drew DEN QB96.90%97
Prescott, Dak DAL QBEason, Jacob IND QB96.10%51
Prescott, Dak DAL QBGoff, Jared LAR QB95.80%72
Prescott, Dak DAL QBJones, Daniel NYG QB95.80%72
Prescott, Dak DAL QBWalker, P.J. CAR QB95.10%41
Prescott, Dak DAL QBBrady, Tom TBB QB93.80%65
Prescott, Dak DAL QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB90.00%40
Prescott, Dak DAL QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB89.80%49
Prescott, Dak DAL QBAllen, Josh BUF QB88.60%35
Prescott, Dak DAL QBBrees, Drew NOS QB78.70%61
Prescott, Dak DAL QBWentz, Carson PHI QB68.40%38
Prescott, Dak DAL QBWilson, Russell SEA QB62.90%35
Rivers, Philip IND QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB94.60%37
Rivers, Philip IND QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB94.10%34
Rivers, Philip IND QBNewton, Cam NEP QB91.80%73
Rivers, Philip IND QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB91.70%48
Rivers, Philip IND QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB88.90%45
Rivers, Philip IND QBBlough, David DET QB85.70%14
Rivers, Philip IND QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB81.00%42
Rivers, Philip IND QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB67.60%37
Rivers, Philip IND QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB64.60%79
Rivers, Philip IND QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB59.20%49
Rivers, Philip IND QBCarr, Derek LVR QB51.70%58
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB97.80%92
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBRivers, Philip IND QB97.40%76
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB97.40%77
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB97.20%71
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBHill, Taysom NOS QB96.20%78
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBCarr, Derek LVR QB96.10%77
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB95.50%67
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBHoyer, Brian NEP QB95.10%41
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB94.80%58
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBLock, Drew DEN QB93.90%66
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB93.20%73
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB92.60%81
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB89.70%58
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBStafford, Matthew DET QB89.30%56
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBJones, Daniel NYG QB85.90%71
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB76.90%65
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBGoff, Jared LAR QB75.50%53
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB95.60%45
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBNewton, Cam NEP QB94.60%74
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB94.40%54
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB90.50%74
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB86.80%53
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB79.70%59
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB71.40%42
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB70.00%60
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBLock, Drew DEN QB54.70%53
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBRivers, Philip IND QB50.80%61
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB50.80%65
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBCarr, Derek LVR QB50.00%68
Ryan, Matt ATL QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB97.50%79
Ryan, Matt ATL QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB97.50%80
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRosen, Josh MIA QB96.90%64
Ryan, Matt ATL QBGoff, Jared LAR QB96.70%60
Ryan, Matt ATL QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB96.20%79
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRivers, Philip IND QB96.10%76
Ryan, Matt ATL QBLock, Drew DEN QB96.00%75
Ryan, Matt ATL QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB95.70%70
Ryan, Matt ATL QBStafford, Matthew DET QB93.20%74
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB92.90%99
Ryan, Matt ATL QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB92.50%67
Ryan, Matt ATL QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB87.40%87
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB69.00%42
Ryan, Matt ATL QBBrady, Tom TBB QB68.80%64
Stafford, Matthew DET QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB97.30%73
Stafford, Matthew DET QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB97.10%102
Stafford, Matthew DET QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB96.90%64
Stafford, Matthew DET QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB96.70%60
Stafford, Matthew DET QBNewton, Cam NEP QB92.20%102
Stafford, Matthew DET QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB90.00%70
Stafford, Matthew DET QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB90.00%50
Stafford, Matthew DET QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB89.70%68
Stafford, Matthew DET QBLock, Drew DEN QB86.40%59
Stafford, Matthew DET QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB82.10%39
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB81.40%70
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB78.60%56
Stafford, Matthew DET QBRivers, Philip IND QB77.20%57
Stafford, Matthew DET QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB73.20%71
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB71.00%62
Stafford, Matthew DET QBJones, Daniel NYG QB68.50%73
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCarr, Derek LVR QB65.40%52
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBFoles, Nick CHI QB91.70%24
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB87.90%33
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB85.20%27
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB75.90%29
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB74.20%31
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBNewton, Cam NEP QB63.00%27
Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB50.00%52
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBHill, Taysom NOS QB81.80%11
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBFoles, Nick CHI QB66.70%12
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBNewton, Cam NEP QB58.30%12
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB54.50%11
Tagovailoa, Tua MIA QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB50.00%26
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBWinston, Jameis NOS QB98.10%104
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB96.90%65
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB94.60%56
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB94.20%52
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB93.10%29
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBCarr, Derek LVR QB93.00%57
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBNewton, Cam NEP QB92.80%111
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBBridgewater, Teddy CAR QB89.60%77
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBTaylor, Tyrod LAC QB86.40%66
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBLock, Drew DEN QB86.00%50
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBRivers, Philip IND QB83.60%73
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBBurrow, Joe CIN QB83.00%53
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBMinshew, Gardner JAC QB81.50%65
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB74.60%63
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB68.60%102
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB67.10%70
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB64.00%50
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBStafford, Matthew DET QB61.60%73
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBJones, Daniel NYG QB60.30%58
Tannehill, Ryan TEN QBGoff, Jared LAR QB51.40%70
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB93.30%30
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB93.10%58
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB89.30%28
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB89.10%46
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB86.70%15
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBMullens, Nick SFO QB84.60%13
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB84.60%39
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBNewton, Cam NEP QB80.00%45
Taylor, Tyrod LAC QBStidham, Jarrett NEP QB51.40%37
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBHerbert, Justin LAC QB85.70%14
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBFoles, Nick CHI QB75.00%52
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBNewton, Cam NEP QB65.40%26
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB61.50%26
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB50.00%26
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBHill, Taysom NOS QB98.10%104
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB97.60%84
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBRyan, Matt ATL QB96.20%52
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB95.70%47
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBBrady, Tom TBB QB93.50%62
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBWentz, Carson PHI QB91.50%47
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBAllen, Josh BUF QB87.70%57
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB83.80%37
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBBrees, Drew NOS QB82.30%62
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBWilson, Russell SEA QB73.90%23
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB56.50%46
Wentz, Carson PHI QBHill, Taysom NOS QB97.80%89
Wentz, Carson PHI QBCarr, Derek LVR QB97.30%75
Wentz, Carson PHI QBTagovailoa, Tua MIA QB96.70%61
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRivers, Philip IND QB96.10%76
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB95.30%106
Wentz, Carson PHI QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB95.10%81
Wentz, Carson PHI QBStafford, Matthew DET QB93.70%63
Wentz, Carson PHI QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB93.50%107
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBrady, Tom TBB QB78.40%51
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB74.50%51
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRyan, Matt ATL QB63.90%36
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBrees, Drew NOS QB61.00%59
Wentz, Carson PHI QBAllen, Josh BUF QB60.80%74
Wentz, Carson PHI QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB51.00%49
Wilson, Russell SEA QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB97.60%85
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBrady, Tom TBB QB96.60%58
Wilson, Russell SEA QBWalker, P.J. CAR QB95.20%42
Wilson, Russell SEA QBAllen, Josh BUF QB90.90%55
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBrees, Drew NOS QB90.50%42
Wilson, Russell SEA QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB86.50%37
Wilson, Russell SEA QBWentz, Carson PHI QB62.50%40
Winston, Jameis NOS QBHill, Taysom NOS QB50.00%4
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Franchise W-L-T PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
Baltimore Flyers--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Tampa Heroes--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
San Marcos Settlers--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Baja Bombers--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Clear Lake Strawmenn --00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Thailand Sticks--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Portland Pirates--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Boulder Blizzard--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Adirondack Holes--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Joliet Giants--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Rhodesia Ridgebacks--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
Syracuse Nationals--00.0%0000.000.0000.000
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Blind Bidding Summary
Baltimore Flyers0.00350.00
Tampa Heroes-25.00375.00
San Marcos Settlers-50.00400.00
Clear Lake Strawmenn 0.00350.00
Thailand Sticks0.00350.00
Boulder Blizzard0.00350.00
Portland Pirates0.00350.00
Joliet Giants0.00350.00
Syracuse Nationals0.00350.00
Rhodesia Ridgebacks0.00350.00
Adirondack Holes0.00350.00
Baja Bombers0.00350.00

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@peter_kingHats off to Maya Moore. What a difference-maker in life.58 minutes ago
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@fantasysharksRT @jasonffl: @PeterBurnsESPN Larry Fitzgerald has more tackles than drops in his NFL career.1 hour, 21 minutes ago
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Most Added Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Added
1Thomas, Logan WAS TE FA5.19
2Kaepernick, Colin FA* QB FA4.08
3Newton, Cam NEP QB FA3.48
4Gordon, Josh FA WR (S)FA3.45
5Mooney, Darnell CHI WR FA2.84
6Hodgins, Isaiah BUF WR FA2.53
7Hill, K.J. LAC WR FA2.50
8Reed, Joe LAC WR FA2.47
9Bourne, Kendrick SFO WR FA2.40
10Bryant, Martavis FA WR (S)FA2.37

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues that performed add/drops during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players comming off a bye week, so they are more likely to be added this week.

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Most Dropped Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Dropped
1Hoyer, Brian NEP QB FA5.19
2Gabriel, Taylor FA WR (Q)Joliet Giants2.98
3Walker, Delanie FA TE (Q)FA2.90
4McCoy, LeSean FA RB Tampa Heroes2.87
5Hollister, Jacob SEA TE FA2.87
6Laird, Patrick MIA RB FA2.76
7Thomas, Demaryius FA WR (Q)FA2.74
8Williams, Jonathan FA RB Adirondack Holes2.61
9Ballage, Kalen MIA RB FA2.50
10Scarbrough, Bo DET RB Syracuse Nationals2.50

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League Champions

Ed Hughes Football League Champions


Joliet Giants


Adirondack Holes


Thailand Sticks


Adirondack Holes


San Marcos Settlers


Boulder Blizzard


Baja Bombers


Joliet Giants


Adirondack Holes


Baltimore Flyers


Buffalo S'Rats


Clear Lake Strawmenn


Baja Bombers


Thailand Sticks


Baltimore Flyers


Syracuse Hebrew Nationals


Baja Bombers


Attica Axe-Murderers


Adirondack Holes


Syracuse Nationals


Syracuse Nationals


Boulder Blizzard


Baltimore Flyers


Baltimore Flyers


Attica Axe-Murderers


Tampa Heroes


Syracuse Nationals


Baja Banditos


Syracuse Nationals


Baltimore Flyers


Tampa Heroes


Attica Axe-Murderers


Tampa Heroes


Thailand Sticklers


Boulder Blizzard


Joliet Giants


U-City Bombers


Syracuse Hebrew Nationals


Clear Lake Strawmenn


Hogan's Heroes

Beginning back in our first season one of the fun aspects of this league was doing our 'newsletter'. I intended to do one weekly and for some years I accomplished that. I went through many different methods of producing and distributing them. From the humble beginnings at the old Houston Post where I used Post stationery and wrote the news out by hand to the current use (occasionally) of the Hughes News blog, it's been quite an adventure. I miss producing a physical copy and so I continue the tradition with a 'Championship Edition' after every Hughes Bowl. The winning owner gets a framed copy.

Like the regular newsletters, the Championship Editions have evolved over the years but I've settled into preferred style over the past five seasons or so. Putting them together continues to be a highlight for me and, I hope, the newly crowned EHFL champ!

At the very bottom, below the 1999 HB Champs newsletter, is an example of the webpage we were using back before MFL was born. None of the links are working (it's a screen capture of the old page after all) but it gives you an idea of what the internet was like for our league back then.


Below are all our banners as well as some of the graphics I cobbled together back in the day (the stuff below the 'shield'). For 11 years prior to 2019 I had the banners done by a graphics guy, but he put his price out of my range. I'm now doing them myself, for better or for worse. Also of note are a long-lost 2009 banner that didn't make the cut and the 2020 banner that never was. At the bottom are a couple of the banners from the original newsletter and stat page. Those were hand made and I thought we were really high tech at the time!

At the very bottom is our very first 'Hughes News' newsletter, dated September 9, 1980! It was (mostly) typed on an old Royal on the back of some Houston Post stationary at the Post building. Long may it wave. Not every issue that year was this elegant. A couple were simply handwritten. Over four decades we've certainly come far from there.

All of this will eventually become a part of the 'League History' site that I hope to put together in the not-too-distant future. Good stuff!

This League is named for former Houston Oiler head coach Ed Hughes. Coach Hughes had a long and accomplished career in football. In the pic above that's him in the cap during his time with the Bears as OC. He helped them to the '86 Super Bowl title. His Chicago Tribune obituary is below.

I've created this page as a place to give Coach Hughes his props. I have gathered some photos and assorted other memorabilia through the years and I'll display them here.

Below the obit is a team-issued photo of Coach Hughes' 1971 Oilers. Coach is in the second row on the far right. Ken Burroughs, UH alum Dickie Post, and Dan Pastorini are upfront on the left. Right behind them is shitbag Bud Adams.

Below that team pic are several original 8x10 and wire-service photos of Coach Hughes, mostly from his season with the Oilers, which I obtained from different places on the web including eBay. Most came from the Houston Post and Chronicle photo libraries.

Next is an LA Rams-team issued card from 1954 or 1955, scanned front and back (the cards in the two Rams sets are identical and I don't know which this one is). It's about 4x6 on glossy stock. A great item.

Finally, at the bottom, is the new centerpiece of my Hughes collection. It's the 1956 NY Giants team issued 4x6 that was created by the same company that did the Rams versions. But this one was signed by Ed Hughes. The photocard shows up terribly here. It is in a hard plastic case as it was examined and verified by one of the sportscard authenticating companies. I tried a few times to get a good camera shot of it and this is the best I can do for now.

As I add more items to my collection this is where you'll find them. RIP Coach!