League Awards
SeasonAward TitleFranchiseComments
2018 League ChampionDays Of Thunder Panthers
2018 Second Place OverallVermont Chiefs
2018 Third Place OverallRozelle Cardinals
2018 League High ScorerAcme Bears4387.00, winner by 134 points
2017 League ChampionRaiders
2017 Second Place OverallVermont Chiefs
2017 Third Place OverallMontgomery Rams
2017 League High ScorerBilly's Broncos4424.23 pts, winner by 28.76 points
2016 League ChampionBeltway Colts
2016 Second Place OverallSW Florida Jets
2015 League ChampionTexas Broncos
2015 Second Place OverallMontgomery Rams
2015 Third Place OverallBeltway Colts
2015 League High Scorer League High ScorerBeltway Colts
2014 League Champion League ChampionMontgomery RamsMontgomery Rams (249.57) defeated Beltway Colts (240.61) Paragon VVV Superbowl Winner in Superpool 5th Season
2014 Second Place OverallBeltway Colts
2014 Third Place OverallTexas Broncos
2014 League High Scorer League High ScorerTexas Broncos4276.34 points, winner by 48 points
2013 League Champion League ChampionGreater Western Sydney GiantsDane wins an all time classic by less than a quarter of a point, going down to the last play by the 49ers in MNF, dare I say one of the greatest get out of jail efforts to defeat the all conquerering Christopher Howat. Greater Western Sydney Giants (263.78) defeated Vancouver Chargers (263.59)
2013 Second Place OverallVancouver Chargers
2013 Third Place OverallRocky Mountain Dolphins
2013 League High ScorerVancouver Chargers5055.7 points, winner by 216 points
2012 League Champion League ChampionHaugen Dawg BrownsHaugen Dawg Browns (260.82) Delaware Saints (226.15)
2012 Second Place OverallDelaware Saints
2012 Third Place OverallLexington Bears
2012 League High Scorer League High ScorerPayson Cardinals(13-2) 5018.88, winner by 134 points
2012 The Kloppenburg Cup The Kloppenburg CupVancouver ChargersChris Howat's Chargers are the winners of the 2012 Kloppenburg Cup. After taking over an orphaned franchise at the start of the year, entering the toughest division in VVV, he rumbled his way to a 10-5 record, winning the AFC West. Fantastic efforts Chris, your a high quality owner for Paragon Fantasy Football.
2012 The Kloppenburg Cup The Kloppenburg CupDelaware SaintsCongratulations to Bill Wisor, the winner of the 2012 Kloppenburg Cup. His efforts in turning around the Saints after winning 4 games in the first 2 seasons are something to behold. At the very least, he has taken his side all the way to the NFC Championship game on the back of a 10-5 regular season record. Great job Bill.
2011 League Champion League ChampionPrinceton PanthersPrinceton Panthers (234.31) def Vermont Chiefs (167.85)
2011 Second Place OverallVermont ChiefsPrinceton Panthers (234.31) def Vermont Chiefs (167.85)
2011 Third Place OverallShiretown Patriots
2011 League High Scorer League High ScorerTexas Broncos5165.72
2011 The Kloppenburg Cup The Kloppenburg CupTexas BroncosWin lose or pull a Patriots, Braden's Texas Broncos unbeaten 15-0 regular season is a first in Paragon fantasy football. He is the deserved winner of the 2011 VVV Kloppenburg Cup.
2010 League Champion League ChampionNorCal 49ers295.55-233.65
2010 Second Place OverallTexas Broncos233.65-295.55
2010 Third Place OverallS. Phx Vikings
2010 League High Scorer League High ScorerTexas BroncosTexas Broncos 10-2-0 3561.39